IELTS Writing: Checklists for Task 1

Hello everyone, Rob3

Here is our latest podcast on IELTS Writing Task 1. This time I discuss Task Achievement and in the following post, I’m going to discuss the other assessment criteria. If you’d like to find out more about Task 1 assessment, read this post.

While you’re listening, you might find it helpful to look at the checklist below which shows the items that must be included if your response is to be better than band 6.


For more tips on what you should and shouldn’t write in the Task 1 follow this link.

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About Robert William McCaul (Roibeárd Liam Mac Cathmhaoil)

Polyglot & Language teacher & learner. I am interested in second language acquisition, phonology, language change, morphology, language revival, shift & maintenance, historical linguistics and multilingualism. I have aCELTA & DELTA & MaLing (currently at UCC, Ireland; previously at Brunel University, London & EIU, HCMC, Vietnam) & Cambridge and IELTS expert. Before teaching and writing, I worked as tour guide around continental Europe where I as able to use my French & Spanish and pick up Italian. I am a sometime Latin music DJ, Salsa instructor, Sean Nós singer and world traveller. I love people, finding out about things, conversation lover and I was, for a time, a bar top dancer in a club in mi querido Quito in Ecuador. I speak Irish, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Latin and a little bit of German, Greek and Vietnamese. I am currently studying Chinese. Other interests include: History, Human Rights, Global Politics, Economics, Latin America & South East Asian affairs, the Middle East, Africa (Especially West Africa) and History. Gaeilge: Tá suim agam i dteangeolaíocht, i ndátheangachas agus i nGaeilge. Language Shift/ Maintenance, Na Teangacha Rómánsacha, Athbheochan Teanga, Shealbhú (an dara) Teanga

31 thoughts on “IELTS Writing: Checklists for Task 1

  1. It’s good way to help others to advance
    development in which Concerns improving English language and get international certificate.

  2. Hi Marek, Just wanted to thank you for your excellent posts on IELTS; I’m working with a client who wishes to pass the IELTS in the near future and your posts have been extremely helpful. Thanks again, Emma 🙂

    1. Hi Emma,
      Good to hear from you.
      You’re welcome! 🙂 This and the previous one are not mine, though. Rob, who’s a good friend of mine and an IELTS examiner too, has recently started contributing to the blog. He’s done the last two podcasts. Stay tuned, because he’s promised there’ll be many more 🙂
      I hope your client does well. Will keep my fingers crossed. If you need any advice, feel free to get in touch.

  3. I am very glad to see your’s such a useful post for me.because,i will take an IELTS exam.i am from Bangladesh.i want to get band 6.5 or more.will you give me some suggetion about this,i think it should be more easy for me.
    Thank’s again.

  4. hi my name shakuura i am going to do an exam Ielts
    i went to get 6 or more i belive my ability is not good so i went more advice

  5. Hi marke…first thank you for the good information that you gave us …second I am trying to pass the ilets exam but I am not that good …so can you help me

  6. Thank you so much. I am very glad to studies an english and guide to me how to improve speaking, writing an english , british council is the great

  7. Hi marek, am very glad to see your’s such a useful for me.
    most of time im communicating with fluent English speakers through email.However to response that email im looking for idea to elaborate my idea in English.there is the way can improve my email writing skill?

    Thank’s again


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