TEFL Issues

Under Creative Commons from: https://flic.kr/p/ntG3Da
Under Creative Commons from: https://flic.kr/p/ntG3Da

Here you can find a list of our post which look at various issues related to the TEFL industry. Below the posts from this blog, you can also find links to articles by other bloggers which we’ve read and found really useful and interesting (if you’ve written an interesting post on the topic and would like us to add it to the list, please Contact us).

TEFL Reflections articles:

  1. Setting your teaching free – becoming a freelance EFL teacher.
  2. To teach or not to teach – how and why Marek became an English teacher
  3. (non-)Nativity Scenes – some thoughts on native and non-Native English teachers
  4. Some FAQs (about being an EFL teacher) and some very subjective answers.
  5. Native speaker only ads illegal in the EU
  6. TEFL Equity Advocates campaign – introducing the campaign for equal TEFL employment rights for native and non-native speakers
  7. Looking back – 2014 in review – a quick review of the most popular posts on this blog in 2014
  8. Who’s to blame for the state of ELT? – The TEFL blame game
  9. Teachers’ roles in crossing borders and building bridges’ my summary of TESOL Convention 2015 opening plenary
  10. ‘The employment issues committee – building the bridge to better employment’ – a report from a TESOL 2015 workshop

  11. Does being a native speaker matter in pronunciation teaching? – a report from a TESOL 2015 workshop

Articles by other bloggers:

  1. Salaries in TEFL and native speakers favouritism – a survey by Serveis Linguisticos de Barcelona
  2. Planning for chaos by Steve Brown – do the mainstream TEFL training courses really prepare you for your future teaching practice?
  3. ‘IATEFL calling!’ by Paul Walsh – the struggle to set up a Teachers as Workers SIG and on a movement to support English teachers’ labour rights

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