Methods and Principles

Under Creative Commons from:
Under Creative Commons from:

Here you can find a list of our post which look at various methods and principles of English language teaching. Below the posts from this blog, you can also find links to articles by other bloggers which we’ve read and found really useful and interesting (if you’ve written an interesting post on the topic and would like us to add it to the list, please Contact us).

TEFL Reflections articles:

  1. 10 nagging EFL questions – hope maybe you can answer them 🙂
  2. Let’s be gritty about our teaching – what research tells us about the importance of grit and motivation
  3. My 2014 EFL resolutions – were yours similar?
  4. Teaching 1-1: the advantages
  5. Teaching 1-1: surviving the first class
  6. Teaching mixed ability classes – some practical tips
  7. Be flexible! – how to design more flexible tasks in mixed ability groups
  8. To praise or not to praise – that is the question – when should we praise our students, and when should we refrain from it
  9. ELT Chat on CEFR – summary and reflection
  10. Teaching Lexically – how can we get away from the grammar based syllabus and teach more lexically
  11. Gamifying your language course – important points to consider when using games in class
  12. Lesson plans – a waste of time?

Articles by other bloggers:

  1. Approaches to lesson planning by Adam Simpson
  2. Preflection – a not new approach to lesson planning by Steve Brown
  3. How to set yourself up as an online English teacher by Emma Segev

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