Lesson Plans

Photo from: https://flic.kr/p/7J5PTA
Photo from: https://flic.kr/p/7J5PTA

Here you can find a list of full lesson plans.  Typically, they’ll contain some tips and teacher notes which aim to give you some additional ideas how to adapt the activities. A lot of the reading and listening lessons will involve students reflecting on the process, training them in different subskills. Below the posts from this blog, you can also find links to other websites where we typically go to look for inspiring lesson plans. If you’d like us to add your website to the list, please Contact us.

TEFL Reflections lesson plans:

  1. Learning languages more effectively – listening, reading and speaking
  2. Past Simple, Present Perfect Simple and Continuous: talking about work experience
  3. Does the world need nuclear energy? – based around a TED debate: listening and discussion
  4. Is language going to the dogs? – listening and speaking
  5. I wish – grammar for present and past wishes
  6. 3rd conditional – uses dictogloss and guided discovery
  7. Shakespeare boom – reading for gist, working out the meaning of new words from context
  8. Grit – the key to success: listening lesson based on a TED Talk on motivation
  9. How to get your class punning – lots of speaking and hopefully punning
  10. To be or not to be – listening lesson based around the famous Hamlet soliloquy
  11. A-Santa-ism – a tongue-in-cheek reading lesson where students discuss why Santa cannot possibly exists
  12. “Money lent, an enemy made” – a listening lesson based around Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice”

External Links:

  1. A wide selection of lesson plans for different levels based on a whole range of TED talks – an absolute treasure trove!
  2. Designer lessons by George Chilton and Neil McMillan
  3. A selection of complete listening lesson plans by the BC based on short videos revolving around the theme: ___ is great
  4. This blog by Kieran Donaghy is an absolute gem: hundreds of top-notch lesson plans all using short films and videos
  5. British Council Teaching English lesson plans

3 thoughts on “Lesson Plans

  1. We really enjoyed working through these lesson plan links. Thank you for this post. Newbie and experienced EFL teachers always need new resources to add to their teaching “tool box”

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