Articles and talks

Below you can find a chronological list of publications and conference talks.

Published articles:

  1. Kiczkowiak, M. A (non-)Nativity Scene: Schools breaking EU law. EL Gazette. July 2011: p.4 [available on-line here]
  2. Kiczkowiak, M. (non-)Nativity scenes. TESOL NNEST Newsletter. March 2014. [available on-line here].
  3. Kiczkowiak, M. TEFL Equity Advocates. TESOL Greece Newsletter. September 2014. [available on-line for TESOL Greece members here].
  4. Kiczkowiak, M. Equity in TEFL. TESOL NNEST Newsletter. September 2014. [available on-line here].
  5. Kiczkowiak, M. What happened to drilling? BELTA Bulletin. October 2014. [available on-line for BELTA members here].
  6. Kiczkowiak, M. NEST only. IATEFL Voices 243. February 2015.
  7. Kiczkowiak, M. nNESTs can be just as good as NESTs. ELT Ireland Newsletter. February 2015.
  8. Kiczkowiak, M. The Native Speaker Delusion. TESOL France Newsletter. November, 2015.

Conference talks and webinars:

  1. Marek Kiczkowiak and Chris Holmes: Misconceptions that just won’t go away. BELTA Belgium. April 2014. (abstract available here and the ppt available on request)
  2. Marek Kiczkowiak and James Beddington: All teachers are equal, but some more than others. IATEFL Poland. September 2014. (the ppt available on request)
  3. Marek Kiczkowiak: Do you understand? Effective ways of concept checking. BELTA webinar. October 2014. (ppt available on request).
  4. Marek Kiczkowiak and Robert McCaul: The best of both worlds. TESOL France. November 2014 (ppt available on request).
  5. Marek Kiczkowiak, Kyung-Hee Bae, Brock Brady, Jun Liu, Lucie Moussu, Aya Matsuda and Ali Fuad Selvi. Opportunities, Engagement and Support: The future of leadership in TESOL. TESOL International 2015
  6. Marek Kiczkowiak and Robert McCaul: New ELT recruitment model: hire the best teachers. TESOL Italy 2015.

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