Learning languages

Under Creative Commons from: https://flic.kr/p/5uJVxM
Under Creative Commons from: https://flic.kr/p/5uJVxM

Here you can find a list of our post which look at various language learning tips and tricks. Below the posts from this blog, you can also find links to articles by other bloggers which we’ve read and found really useful and interesting (if you’ve written an interesting post on the topic and would like us to add it to the list, please Contact us).

TEFL Reflections Articles:

  1. What I’ve learned from 3 polyglots – dispelling 5 language learning myths
  2. What I’ve learned from 4 polyglots – 5 steps to language fluency
  3. Be fluent in a language in 6 months – mission impossible?
  4. Be fluent in 6 months – first update
  5. What I’ve learned from trying to learn Portuguese in 6 months – language learning tips
  6. MORE effective learners and how can we imitate them
  7. Learn more words more effectively using Memrise: Mem up your memory
  8. 5 apps and two websites for learning pronunciation

Articles by other bloggers:

  1. Language learning tips from Lizzie Pinnard based on her experience learning Italian
  2. More tips from Sandy Millin, who’s given Russian a go
  3. Videos by world-famous polyglots who share their language learning insights: Chris Lonsdale, Sid Efromovichand Benny Lewis
  4. Richard Simcott’s a polyglot who speaks over a dozen languages – visit his website

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