Grammar and Vocabulary

e459b-wordshavepowerHere you can find a list of our post related to teaching grammar and vocabulary. For grammar and vocabulary lesson plans, please visit the Lesson Plans section. Below the posts from this blog, you can also find links to articles by other bloggers which we’ve read and found really useful and interesting (if you’ve written an interesting post on Grammar or Vocabulary and would like us to add it to the list, please Contact us).

TEFL Reflections articles:

  1. Using online corpora to teach grammar
  2. Drawing effective timelines – some tips
  3. How to concept check effectively
  4. Practise concept checking
  5. A webinar on concept checking
  6. Clarifying meaning of new language
  7. Practical ideas for reviewing vocabulary in class
  8. Improve the retention rate of new vocabulary by using Memrise
  9. Using dictations in class in a communicative way
  10. Learning vocabulary with Memrise – my response to critics
  11. The lexical aspect – a commonly overlooked aspect of teaching verb tenses

Articles by other bloggers:

  1. Life Beyond Gap-fill? Luiz Otavo Barros questions the value of classic fill in the gap controlled practice
  2. How can we better write new vocabulary on the whiteboard by EFLrecipes
  3. Teaching vocabulary in lexical sets doesn’t facilitate retention: Leo Selivan proposes how to rethink our approach to teaching vocabulary
  4. Try experimenting with teaching vocabulary by Leo Selivan
  5. A fantastic source of graphics which clearly explain different grammar points
  6. Revising Lexis: quality or quantity by Leo Selivan

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