IELTS Prep: A Test-Teach-Test Approach (Cambridge DELTA Module 3- Extended Assignment)

This one is especially for IELTS teachers. I am sharing this DELTA module 3 assignment that I

Me and my other half Jess, taken recently in the New Forest
Me and my other half Jess taking a break from the crazy world of IELTS. Taken recently in the New Forest.
did on a test-teach-test approach to teaching IELTS. It contains lesson plans, approaches to curriculum development based on student weaknesses and full lesson plans based on these weaknesses. I hope this will be useful to anyone teaching IELTS or doing the extended assignment.

IELTS Speaking Sample & Feedback: Mohmad -Describe a member of your family

Hello everyone, I am going to start a new series of sample part 2 speeches, each followed by a suggested band score and an action plan which can help the student improve. Please note that for the assessment the IELTS public criteria have been used so the score might differ slightly from an official assessment. … Continue reading IELTS Speaking Sample & Feedback: Mohmad -Describe a member of your family


In this section we’ll compile all our posts and podcasts related to teaching and preparing for IELTS. Both teachers and students can benefit from most of them, although some are admittedly more geared towards learners, while others towards teachers. The list will be updated as we publish new posts on the blog. You can read … Continue reading IELTS

IELTS Writing: DOs and DON’Ts of Task 2

In the first 2015 post I’d like to continue with our IELTS series of posts we started last year. In this one I look at Writing Task 2. I’ve put together a list of tips which I normally give to my students during and IELTS preparation course. Usually the list is a final product of … Continue reading IELTS Writing: DOs and DON’Ts of Task 2