IELTS Prep: A Test-Teach-Test Approach (Cambridge DELTA Module 3- Extended Assignment)

Dear all,

imageThis one is especially for IELTS teachers and those of you doing module 3 of the Cambridge DELTA. I am sharing the extended assignment that I did on  a test-teach-test approach to teaching IELTS.  It contains lesson plans, approaches to curriculum development based on student weaknesses as well as full lesson plans based on these weaknesses. I hope this will be useful to anyone teaching IELTS or doing the extended assignment. I conducted the research and wrote this in Vietnam with a small group of students preparing to take the IELTS test. I want to say a special thank you to them for allowing me to publish this. I love you guys!

You can find the extended assignment by clicking on the link here.

Me and my other half Jess, taken recently in the New Forest
Me and my other half Jess taking a break from the crazy world of IELTS. Taken recently in the New Forest.

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About Robert William McCaul (Roibeárd Liam Mac Cathmhaoil)

Polyglot & Language teacher & learner. I am interested in second language acquisition, phonology, language change, morphology, language revival, shift & maintenance, historical linguistics and multilingualism. I have aCELTA & DELTA & MaLing (currently at UCC, Ireland; previously at Brunel University, London & EIU, HCMC, Vietnam) & Cambridge and IELTS expert. Before teaching and writing, I worked as tour guide around continental Europe where I as able to use my French & Spanish and pick up Italian. I am a sometime Latin music DJ, Salsa instructor, Sean Nós singer and world traveller. I love people, finding out about things, conversation lover and I was, for a time, a bar top dancer in a club in mi querido Quito in Ecuador. I speak Irish, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Latin and a little bit of German, Greek and Vietnamese. I am currently studying Chinese. Other interests include: History, Human Rights, Global Politics, Economics, Latin America & South East Asian affairs, the Middle East, Africa (Especially West Africa) and History. Gaeilge: Tá suim agam i dteangeolaíocht, i ndátheangachas agus i nGaeilge. Language Shift/ Maintenance, Na Teangacha Rómánsacha, Athbheochan Teanga, Shealbhú (an dara) Teanga

10 thoughts on “IELTS Prep: A Test-Teach-Test Approach (Cambridge DELTA Module 3- Extended Assignment)

  1. aces, thank you for posting, your ideas are very similar to mine in regards to engaging and getting students to using and discovering the language.

  2. Very valuable stuff for ILETS students and such a great source taken by you in this blog thank you for sharing this article with us and keep posting such articles with us.

  3. Thank you for sharing this. I am going to take DELTA module 3 and I will choose the same specialism as you. Even though I have taught IELTS and TOEFL for several years, I feel I am an amateur after reading your assignment. Also what you shared gives me some clues to prepare for DELTA module 3 extended assignment.

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