IELTS Writing: Checklists for Task 1 (2nd half)

Hello everyone,

Here is the second section of the post that I did recently on checklists for IELTS Writing Task 1. I hope you find this usefRobert Williamul. We will do checklists for task 2 at another time. Thanks for listening. Please leave your comments below.

For more tips on what you should and shouldn’t write in the Task 1 follow this link.

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About Robert William McCaul (Roibeárd Liam Mac Cathmhaoil)

Polyglot & Language teacher & learner. I am interested in second language acquisition, phonology, language change, morphology, language revival, shift & maintenance, historical linguistics and multilingualism. I have aCELTA & DELTA & MaLing (currently at UCC, Ireland; previously at Brunel University, London & EIU, HCMC, Vietnam) & Cambridge and IELTS expert. Before teaching and writing, I worked as tour guide around continental Europe where I as able to use my French & Spanish and pick up Italian. I am a sometime Latin music DJ, Salsa instructor, Sean Nós singer and world traveller. I love people, finding out about things, conversation lover and I was, for a time, a bar top dancer in a club in mi querido Quito in Ecuador. I speak Irish, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Latin and a little bit of German, Greek and Vietnamese. I am currently studying Chinese. Other interests include: History, Human Rights, Global Politics, Economics, Latin America & South East Asian affairs, the Middle East, Africa (Especially West Africa) and History. Gaeilge: Tá suim agam i dteangeolaíocht, i ndátheangachas agus i nGaeilge. Language Shift/ Maintenance, Na Teangacha Rómánsacha, Athbheochan Teanga, Shealbhú (an dara) Teanga

14 thoughts on “IELTS Writing: Checklists for Task 1 (2nd half)

  1. Thank you for so many useful tips and for a checklist, of course. I will share and attach the article on my wall, especially that my students have problems with creation cohesive and grammatically correct sentences. Without a doubt, contemporary teachers need to solve problems of so-called text or digital generation. 🙂

  2. Hello
    i am a doctor working in Ireland keen to take Plab exam for registration with GMC.
    i attempted ielts three times previously but couldn’t get required band in writing, although i got excellent score in the rest of three components.
    So 7 is the minimum in all components i would need ,and in all the previous attempts i didnt manage to get more than 6.5 in writing.
    i want to appear again soon and would like any kind of help in this matter.

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